The Netdisaster online engine
is down, since April 20, 2009.
So what now?

Destroy your own website!

I'm telling you: it's really bad attacking other peoples' sites, you know. That's mean. And you could get in trouble. Really.

On the other hand, disasterizing your own site is cool! And it's free. And it's simple. All you have to do is add a few lines of code to your html page. So, why wait any longer?



Just like before?

A Google Chrome extension is now available, for Netdisaster lovers who still like to destroy sites from their browser. Learn more...

Google Chrome extension

Destroy your own PC!

Netdisaster, as its name says, was initially meant for attacking the whole Internet. The Internet was just too small for Netdisaster.

Now, you can virtually disasterize... everything – at least, anything that's on you PC screen.

All you need is download the application.
And that's free, too.

Desktop Application